Prayers for B’Nai Mitzvah Students — Amidah (Avot – Imohot)

Read by Michael Seidel

Adonai, open my lips that my mouth might say Your praise.

Blessed are You, Adonai our G-d, G-d of our fathers and mothers, G-d of Abraham , G-d of Isaac, and G-d of Jacob, G-d of Sarah, G-d of Rebecca, G-d of Rachel, and G-d of Leah, the great, mighty, and awesome G-d, transcendent G-d who bestows lovingkindness, creates everything out of love, remembers the love of our fathers and mothers, and brings redemption to their children’s children for the sake of the Divine Name. Sovereign, Deliverer, Helper and Shield, Blessed are You, Adonai, Sarah’s helper, Abraham’s Shield.

Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai El-o-hei-nu
v’-El-o-hei a-vo-tei-nu v’-i-mo-tei-nu
El-o-hei Av-ra-ham, El-o-hei Yitz-chak
v’-El-o-hei Ya-a-kov,
El-o-hei Sa-rah, El-o-hei Riv-kah,
El-o-hei Ra-chel v’-El-o-hei Lei-ah.

Ha-El ha-ga-dol ha-gi-bor v’-ha-no-ra.
El el-yon, go-meil cha-sa-dim to-vim,
v’-ko-neih ha-kol, v’-zo-cheir
Chas-dei a-vot v’-i-ma-hot, u-mei-vi g’-u-lah
liv’-nei b’-nei-hem l’-ma-an sh’-mo b’-a-ha-vah.

Me-lech o-zeir u-mosh-i-a u-ma-gein.
Ba-ruch a-tah, A-do-nai,
Ma-gein Av-ra-ham v’-ez-rat Sa-rah.