Shammes Committee (Board of Trustees) 2020-2021

President: Jennifer Stewart,
Co Vice-Presidents: Ben Stone and Alexa Huggins
Secretary: Deb Caul
Treasurer: David Schor
Immediate Past President: Jake Fawcett
KHTY President: Adah Siegel
At-Large Members: 
Toby Kramer
Jackson Holtz
Sasha Rayburn
Kara Schoonmaker
Karen Weisser

Ex-Officio: Connie Burk, Executive Director

Committees and Committee Chairs

Membership Committee

Chair: Alexa Huggins
The Membership Committee shall promote and nurture congregational membership, welcome new members and monitor the issues of membership. The Membership committee shall provide mutual help and support to congregants experiencing illness or crisis, and simchas.

Meets 5th Tuesdays 7:00pm via Zoom

Education Committee

Chair:  Lisa Mohr
The Education Committee supports the Director of Children’s Education, in support of the education program for toddlers through 8th graders.

Meets select First Tuesdays of the Month, via Zoom in 5781 Oct. 6, Jan. 5, Feb. 2, April 6, Aug. 3  | 6:30-8 pm


Religious Life Committee

Chair: Kara Schoonmaker, Acting
The Religious Life Committee works with the rabbi to support the congregational worship experience. Its duties include working with the Ensemble on the musical content of synagogue programs; planning for Shabbat and holiday celebrations, especially the High Holy Days; reviewing and experimenting with worship times, prayer language and prayer books; and developing new ritual programs. The Religious Life Committee aims to encourage all members of the community to assume a leadership role in our creating our communal worship practices.

Meets Third Tuesday of the Month, 7:30pm via Zoom

Tikkun Olam Committee

Chair: Sasha Rayburn
The Tikkun Olam Committee works within our synagogue and the larger community to help achieve a socially just and sustainable society in a healthy world.

Meets Second Tuesday of the Month, 7pm via Zoom

Finance Committee

Chair: Dave Schor, Treasurer

Meets at the direction of the Treasurer.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Katie Price

Meets on an ad hoc basis to plan events and activities.

Adult Ed Committee

Chair: Susanna Blum Callahan
Email: and it will be forwarded, thank you!

Meets select 4th Tuesdays at 7:30pm