Mourning & Lament

MONDAY JUNE 1 7:00PM   streaming live on Facebook Throughout the country, communities are coming together on June 1 to participate in a National Day of Mourning and Lament.  While many are lamenting, mourning, honoring and marking the 100,000 lives lost to Covid-19, we are compelled to also lament and mourn the lives of Black men, [...]

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KHN Youth Internships

  Are you looking for a summer project?  Want a challenge that keeps you connected to friends & community? KHN Summer Youth Internships are forming now! KHN's Project Kol Chadash is seeking Summer Youth Interns!  In this intership, you will develop skills and build knowledge that affirm diverse Jewish identities, support the community, apply Jewish [...]

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Shavuot 2020: Revel & Reveal

Concurrent National Up All Night: Torah for Liberation & Revelation starts Sat at 3:30pm    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO BROUGHT US OUR SHAVUOT EVENTS!  TAKE CARE.  Running to Sinai with Rabbi Basior   Pirkei Avot 4:2 teaches that "Ben Azzai said: Run to perform [even] a minor mitzvah (commandment) and flee from aveirah (transgression), for [...]

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Yizkor Minyan

Remembering our loved Ones . . . and those we did not know Judaism recognizes the value of remembering—recalling what was but is now no longer.  We are invited to remember—experiences, events, people—at many times throughout the year.  We recall the experience of having been in Mitzrayim—constricted places--daily, weekly, and on holidays such as Pesach.  [...]

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Passover in an Extraordinary Time

  Print the Haggadah for KHN's streaming seders:(   KHN Community 2nd Night Seder Thursday April 9 5-6:45pm Kol HaNeshamah Facebook page (streaming via Facebook Live) Rabbi will be hosting a spiritually uplifting, virtual 2nd Night Seder.  A small group of KHNers will participate via Zoom and everyone is invited to follow along via Facebook [...]

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Passover Staples

Passover Staples Each year, it can be a scramble to drive all over town and find the stores selling Passover staples. To support the nationwide physical distancing efforts by reducing the need for each family to shop for Passover basics during this extraordinary time, KHN is organizing Pesach Staples for pick-up or delivery. The request [...]

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Quarantine Academy

KHN's Quarantine Academy Quarantine Academy is a chance for us to share the wealth of knowledge and skills at KHN during this extraordinary time. We hope you will consider sharing a 'how to', a lecture, a workshop, a discussion or other way to share information in a Zoom meeting format. Please use this form to [...]

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Morning Minyan

While we cannot gather in person, we have lots of opportunities to connect. Follow the weekly e-mail newsletter for details about how to join minyans via zoom video conferencing.   Morning Minyan with Rabbi Zari Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:15am   Meeting ID: 948 8005 0073     Password: CHAI   The evening minyan has concluded for the [...]

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