In cooperation with the global effort to crush the pandemic and keep our elders and communities safe, KHN has moved services & observances online until transmission rates stay below 200 in King County. This includes our beloved b’nai mitzvah services. We encourage members to plan ahead to set aside time for b’nai mitzvah services: dress up, tune in and share your ruach and naches in the Facebook chat. It is an extraordinary time. We hope to look back, years from now, and remember how our congregation came together to shower our love and appreciation on our youth who are carrying on the sacred teachings of our People despite the challenges and obstacles of this extraordinary time. Yashur Koach!

B’nai Mitzvah Services start at 11:00am streaming on FB Live. Upcoming B’nai Mitzvah Services Include:

June 19 Sacha Ninburg
July 3rd Avery Zimmer


Sacha Ninburg 6|19|2021

Bar Mitzvah Booklet for Sacha.N



Simon Rosenthal  5|22|2021

Jamie Maurice 4|3|2021

Jamie M Bar Mitzvah Program

Ellie Fryer | 3|20|2021

Ava Gem Anderson 11|21|2020

Sebastian Cohen  8|22|2020

Jacob Stevens 8|8|2020