KHN’s Quarantine Academy

Quarantine Academy is a chance for us to share the wealth of knowledge and skills at KHN during this extraordinary time. We hope you will consider sharing a ‘how to’, a lecture, a workshop, a discussion or other way to share information in a Zoom meeting format.

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Upcoming Sessions


July 28th


Jewish Perspectives on Environmentalism

with Marty Westerman


First plant the tree, then go greet the Messiah…

Explore environmentalism through a Jewish Lens in this interactive session.

Get the AGENDA here:QA Jewish Environmentalism.MW.7.2020.AGENDA


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Previous Sessions


in May & June

12:00 PM


Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Zari

May 27 & June 3         Cultivating a Daily Spiritual Practice

June 10 & 17                 Important Women throughout Jewish History

June 24 & July 1          Feminism and Judaism


Bring your lunch as we meet  to learn about some of these eternal questions and concerns:  What happens after we die?  Is there a heaven?  A hell?  Does the soul live on? If it does, where does it go?  Our exploration will give participants an opportunity to reflect on their own faith in ways that may provide solace in this uncertain time.


Little Free Pantry How-To


Food insecurity is greater than ever during the COVID-19 crisis, BUT so is community creativity and our willingness to help each other. Come learn tips & tricks about a simple tool for sharing food & household items with people in your neighborhood.

Lovingkindness in Action!


April 30th –
May 28th

4:00 PM


History of Jewish Theology

with Richard Curtis


This will be a discussion oriented class examining the history of Jewish theology from pre-Hebrew thinking in Canaan (the religious world view of the ancient near-east (1500 BCE) to Feminist and post-theistic thinking in America (2000 CE). 6 sessions.

led by Richard Curtis.


May 12-26th



Government  Use of Coercion: Participate or Protest

led by Margaret Hobart, PHD


We rely on governments to organize resources for the common good, keep us safe from threats, and facilitate a functioning economy.  Agents of the government can do things to us that we are not allowed to do to each other: take our children away, subdue us with physical violence, shoot us, imprison us, garnish our wages, and force us to refrain from certain behaviors under threat of force, imprisonment or financial ruin.

When & how do we know if the exercises of government power are something we should support or something we should resist?

In this Quarantine Academy series, we will take a look at this question as Jews whose relationship to state power has varied greatly by time and place.


April 20th

May 18th

8:00 PM


Activism Mondays Want to stay active in social justice efforts while under ‘stay-home’ orders?  Join Connie Burk for information, skills sharing and ideas for practical engagement. Discuss. Act. Repeat!

two sessions remaining!

May 11th: Cultural Work, Art & COVID-19

May 18th: Activism at a Distance


May 8th 4:00pm


Stay-Home Spirits with Mike & Nikole KHN’s craft cocktail geniuses will help you make libations with what you have on hand!  Just in time for Shabbat. 🙂  
April 12th
7:00 PM
Some of Us Have Been Here Before: Lessons from the AIDS Epidemic 

with Phil Bereano

For many of us, the novel coronavirus pandemic carries echoes from the early days of the AIDS epidemic. What can we learn from the parallels, from the differences, and from the activists who fought against invisibility and government indifference?  Join us for discussion, stories and lessons with KHN member Phil Bereano, co-founder of Seattle’s ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power). Watch Video

April 30th &

May 7th

6:00-7:00 PM


Jewish Perspectives on Healing

with Rabbi Zari


Teachings and practices around healing are a rich part of Jewish Tradition. In this two-session
mini-series, we will look at some key texts and use them as a springboard for discussion about
our own understandings and experiences around healing—healing of body, as well as healing of

March 31st – May 5th

7:30 PM


Watching Movies Better: Learning about Filmmaking

with Kara Schoonmaker


Do you love movies (and/or TV)? Get more out of all the shows you’re watching right now by learning about key elements of filmmaking — camera, sound, editing, lighting & more — in 4 breezy sessions, using YouTube clips from popular movies and other fun materials from around the internet.

Educator/filmmaker/cinema studies major Kara Schoonmaker will guide the group through the key elements of movies through short, interactive Zoom sessions. Go further with optional weekly challenges using your smartphone camera!

April 6
1:00 PM
Stay-Home Centerpieces & Foraged Florals

with Shannon Ninburg

Just in time for Passover, join KHN member Shannon Ninburg for a lesson on using homegrown flowers and foliage to make beautiful centerpieces. Watch Video
March 27th
4:00 PM 
Challah Techniques & Tips Now that we’re home all day, every day, there’s no better time to start baking challah. KHN members will demonstrate different techniques and tips you can try at home. Join us with your ingredients ready, and you can have a fresh baked loaves in time for Shabbat. Watch Video