Concurrent National Up All Night: Torah for Liberation & Revelation starts Sat at 3:30pm 



SATURDAY  MAY 30   Gather 11:30am | Study Sessions start at 12 noon

ALL Saturday Sessions  Zoom Meeting ID: 842 1897 8714   Password: CARE   

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Con-current National Up All Night: Torah for Liberation & Revelation starts at 3:30pm PT

You may want to have some or all of the things on this list within reach during our time together in the Kol Chadash workshop:

  • Writing/drawing materials to reflect on arising emotions or thoughts;
  • Space to move your body or pace;
  • water and snacks;
  • Ritual items for energetic support such as a bowl of water to wash one’s hands, a candle to light, or stones to hold for grounding.



3:30 pm concurrent national

Up All Night: Torah for Liberation & Revelation

advance registration is required!

Everyone is invited to continue learning, singing, and davvening with a national network of justice-center

ed communities across the United States in more study and celebration!

Advance registration is required:
Sliding scale donations suggested. Donations will go to support:
Ezra Uganda Assistance Fund:
Palestine Children’s Relief Fund:
Black Mama’s Bail Out:




Running to Sinai with Rabbi Basior   Pirkei Avot 4:2 teaches that “Ben Azzai said: Run to perform [even] a minor mitzvah (commandment) and flee from aveirah (transgression), for one mitzvah leads to another mitzvah, and one aveirah leads to another aveirah…”

As we reset our relationship to Torah and caring for our communities, join Rabbi David of Kadima for a virtual run together around your neighborhood or nearby park (while maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask). Care for your body while sharing (between breathes) what ‘mitzvot’ we wish to run toward and which ‘aveirot’ we wish to run from. We will support each other in our physical activity and witness each other’s sharing. All abilities and activities welcome – this is a chance to do a physical activity of your choice (not everyone’s a runner!) for the sake of caring for self and enhancing a mind-body-spirit connection in the virtual company of others.