Celebrate Jewish Visibility & Community Connection During the Days of Awe & All Year Long with Kol HaNeshamah and Project Kol Chadesh!


Yom Kippur Reflection Walks  ♥  Afternoon of Sept 16th 


Prompts will be posted along these five routes:

KHN ALKI BEACH | Starting at KHN, stroll north on 62nd Ave SW to Alki Beach Drive, walk west around the point, Beach Drive SW to 63rd Ave SW, north on 63rd to SW Hinds Street and then back to KHN. Route map below.

LINCOLN PARK AREA | Along Fuantleroy Ave SW find reflection prompts posted between SW Webster St and SW Trenton St.

BEACON HILL | Reflection prompts will be posted along Beacon Avenue, between S Ferdinand & S Holly.

CAPITOL HILL  |  A short walk along 16th Ave E. Reflection prompts will be on both the east and west sides of the traffic circles in the intersections of Harrison, Republican and Mercer streets

KIRKLAND  |  Cross Kirkland Corridor – Reflection prompts will be found between the 3.75 mile marker and the intersection of  110th Ave NE & NE 96th St

PRINT THE ROUTES HERE: KHN YK Reflection Walk Routes





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