Welcome to KHTY!  We are a community within Kol HaNeshamah by & for teens from 14-18.
KHTY focuses on a healthy Jewish atmosphere, fun and engaging programming, and important, thoughtful discussions. With the exception the support of an adult advisor, KHTY is entirely member run, with a leadership board comprised of our members. This allows for members to take full ownership of the activities KHTY hosts as well as the community as a whole. KHTY is an affiliate of the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY).

KHTY Meeting dates & times can be found on the KHN Google Calendar.

Summer 2023, KHN has special programming for KHN Teens (13 years-18 years) and their friends! Join us for:

KHTY Board Roles

KHTY Advisor Orin Reynolds, contact at programcoordinator@khnseattle.org

KHTY By-Laws Amended 11_8_20 .docx

This is a KHTY Cat. You’re welcome.