We are seeking a Youth Group Advisor for 2019-2020. Here is the job description KHN Youth Group Advisor Job Description

The Board for 2018-2019 is

Joey Maurice, President

Brooke Gerber-Perham, Programs VP

Cole Levy, Religious and Cultural VP

Brenna Bremen, Merchandising VP

Jackson Lancaster, Membership VP

Henson Burk-Fawcett, Social Action VP

Adah Siegel, Communications VP


And Eric and Kathleen Orlin, Advisors

Meeting Dates – one remaining        JUNE:  11th

The Board for 2019-2020 is 

President: Adah Siegel
Programs VP: Brooke Gerber-Perham
Religious + Cultural VP: Mia Carlson
Social Action VP: Esme Jablonsky
Membership VP: Henson Burk-Fawcett
Communications VP: Jackie Maurice
Finance VP: Jessie Levin