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We are delighted that you are interested in Kol HaNeshamah—West Seattle’s Progressive Synagogue Community.

We provide a warm and nurturing sanctuary of tradition, acceptance, and innovation. Kol HaNeshamah is a voice of progressive Judaism that links our spirituality to our commitment to social action. We invite you to celebrate Shabbat and Holy Days; to study ancient texts as we discover new meaning for ourselves and our lives.  Join us as we look to Jewish tradition to guide us toward repairing our broken world.

Like our biblical ancestors, we are an erev rav — a mixed multitude — that reflects the diversity of the Jewish people today. We are born Jews and those who chose Judaism; straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning; single, married, and partnered; creating family with partners who are Jewish, hold other faiths or have no faith tradition; parents and grandparents of grown children, small children, or not parents at all; raised in Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and secular households; certain in our belief in God, unsure about God, or certain there is no God; variously positioned regarding Israel and its relationship to the Palestinian people.

We are united by our desire to create a sacred space and a relevant, resonant Judaism for today.

Being a member means…

  • Enjoying a religious, social, and cultural atmosphere that affirms tradition through innovation
  • Participating in a spiritual community
  • Making a commitment to building our synagogue community
  • Engaging in lifelong, inter-generational Jewish learning and ritual
  • Having a place where you can grow in your relationship with God and a community that shares in asking probing questions of life and meaning
  • Prioritizing financial support of the congregation, making an annual Fair Share Dues pledge commitment, sharing your time and talents, and considering contributions at High Holy Day and lifecycle events that are meaningful for you
  • Becoming part of a family-oriented community made up of individuals who share a common thread

As KHN members, we know that “without bread, there is no Torah” and we prioritize financial support of the congregation in our personal household finances. At the same time, no one should be denied the opportunity to experience Jewish community because of limited funds or asked to give a congregation money they do not have.  Our community uses the URJ Fair Share pledge system, with a sliding pledge scale, reducing the obligation for households with more limited incomes.

If you have questions or are considering membership

Please contact membership@KHNSeattle.org, or call the Kol Haneshamah office at 206.935.1590.

Download the Membership Application Form: KHN_Membership_ApplicationFillable 5782

Membership News & Events

Annual Meeting 2021

KHN FY21: Stabilize. Transition. Delight!   Join us Sunday, June 13th at 4pm for our annual membership meeting. Log-in information, Proposed Slate and Proposed Budget on the Members-Only page here.  

2nd Nite Seder 5782

Join the 2nd Nite Seder Saturday April 16th | 6:00pm via Zoom!  Join KHN for a communal seder via Zoom on Saturday, April 16, at 6:00pm. Michael Sarko and Kara Schoonmaker will host. Please [...]

Havdalah & Story Slam

MC, Tikkun Olam Chair, Sasha Rayburn Religious Life|Ensemble leads the Havdalah, Geoff Greenlee Education Committee leads the Menorah Blessings, Janet Perles Membership Committee leads the Story Slam, Shannon Ninburg Meeting ID: 852 8008 3422 Passcode: [...]

Toward Dancing with Torah

Toward Dancing at Simchat Torah--A Journey with Writing & Reflection co-presented Fredda Jaffe and Merna Ann Hecht via Zoom Meeting ID: 823 9998 3724 Passcode: AWE CLICK HERE to join Zoom    

Passover Staples

Passover Staples Each year, it can be a scramble to drive all over town and find the stores selling Passover staples. To support the nationwide physical distancing efforts by reducing the need for each family [...]