Situation of Asylum Seekers in Israel

 Leaders throughout the world have urged Netanyahu not to deport the migrants.  They include leaders of HIAS, the leading Jewish immigration advocacy group; the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism; the National Council of Jewish Women, J-Street and T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.  In their letter they said, “We are asking Israel to do the right thing, the Jewish thing, to be a light unto the nations in the way we treat the strangers among us.” 

What can we do now?

Today:  Contact your Israeli consulate. Tell them you support the Israel-UNHCR deal, and that if and when Israel decides to accept it, you will be ready to help.

Tomorrow:  Review the Jewish or Israeli organizations you donate to and their stance on the UNHCR deal. Move donations to organizations who actively support this cause.  Visit for some suggestions.

Next Week:  Stay informed, continue the conversation, share the message … Don’t embitter the lives of asylum seekers; don’t ignore the needs of south Tel Aviv. #NoMoreMaror

Visit the following websites and if possible, donate to support their efforts: