Ready for your next creative challenge?

KHN will be 20 years old in 2023! To mark the 20th anniversary, KHN will be creating a professionally published congregational Haggadah made up of writing, art, and photos contributed by members for Pesach 2023.

The vision: a beautiful, modern Haggadah that reflects all the diversity, dynamism, critical thinking, fabulousness, deep Jewish knowledge, life experience, humor, fresh perspectives, and richness of our congregation.

Contribute to the Haggadah

Contribute: Download a Haggadah release form

Fill out the release, then email it to project organizer Ariel Detzer at

Submit: Use this Google form to submit your writing, art, or photos

Remember to fill out a release form at the same time you submit!

Join the Haggadah workgroup

You are also invited to be a part of the workgroup to organize the creation of this Haggadah. The workgroup will organize the effort, but we hope many, many people will contribute over the next 18 months.

The workgroup will:

  • Recruit and curate images
  • Gather prose, poetry, midrash, interpretations, and songs for inclusion
  • Encourage and edit submissions
  • Design the book
  • Get the word out and track orders

The workgroup will meet the 4th Thursday each month at 7:30pm

For more info, to submit materials or to join the work group (and get the Zoom log-in meeting codes), contact Ariel! Contact Ariel at

Monthly Haggadah suggested themes

These themes are just for inspiration. Feel free to submit anything to the Haggadah project at any time!

  1. October: Welcome to the Seder! Openings, Candle lighting, favorite introductory readings, your first or funniest seder memories
  1. November: The Seder plate, the symbolic food on the table, and unusual seder plate items you use–stories, poems and art on the meaning of the symbols of Passover
  1. December: Maggid — show or tell the Exodus story — what ways can we make this story our own?
  1. January: How do you Dayenu! The songs of Passover — What else do you sing at Passover?
  1. February: The fours: Four Children, four questions, four glasses of wine, four promises, KHN has had four rabbis… How do you celebrate “the fours?”
  1. March: Signs of Spring — artwork and poetry — new growth, flowers, eggs, life!
  1. April: Our Seder Tables — photos of your foods, your tables, your homemade Hagaddot (remember, no photos of humans). Show us your beautiful seder settings!
  1. May: The plagues — the traditional ten? Modern plagues? COVID? How have we survived hard times as a congregation?
  1. June: Kos Miryam. Myriam and the women of Passover, Miriam’s well, Pharaoh’s daughter, the righteous midwives Shifra and Puah, the “women’s work” of scouring the house for chametz.
  1. July: What is the meaning of this Matzah? Seder rituals — handwashing, dipping, Hillel sandwich, Elijah’s cup, and any others unique to our members
  1. August: Next Year in Jerusalem! What happens after the meal? Bareich & Hallal: poetry, artwork and song to celebrate our freedom
  1. September: Endings and Beginnings: Appendices and Introductions! Seeking family recipes, favorite songs, Video recordings, Remembrances of KHN Passovers, “Welcome to the Seder” readings, and anything else you want to get in–this is your last chance to contribute! (Submission deadline: Yom Kippur 2022)