D’var Torah


These four years have left us metaphorically, spiritually, and literally breathless. It could be easy to surrender, to permit ourselves to become complacent, stuck, immobilized. But we cannot. Hopelessness is the enemy of justice. Which means hope is our superpower.

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The Grey-In-Between

I stumbled upon this poem in the midst of the oppressive wildfire smoke that seemed to embody the endless, heavy grey period when our world felt paused. Even now, when skies have cleared, it speaks to me of the futile feeling of this in-between time, and of pondering whether action truly matters.

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Taking Responsibility

Here in our sanctuary, we don’t have open pits, and we don’t have hazardous oxen, but we do know some dangers are likely. It’s 100% guaranteed that there will be another earthquake in Seattle someday, for example. It is a known danger, but are we prepared? Mishpatim suggests we are responsible to make known hazards less dangerous. Like we should get prepared for if there was an earthquake during services.

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Collective Guilt/ Responsibility

To be a Jew, and to participate in this annual ritual, is—I believe--to be able to see our own, as well as others’ humanity, more broadly.  We come together on this day not only for ourselves, not only for the community whose destiny we share, but also for the larger collective enterprise that we call humanity. 

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