Eddie Westerman

PURIM Sunday March 24 at KHN

2024 Purim fun with KHN! Tuesday March 19th 4:45-6pm  Hamantashen Baking Workshop     Drop off the kids for Hebrew School and head up to Nanette Goss' home! All KHNers are welcome to join us!  Contact religiouslife@khnseattle.org to RSVP and for more details.  And, here is Nanette's Family Hamantashen Recipe Saturday March 23th 11-11:30      [...]

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A Jewish Community Just in Case

At one point, our home was filled with flowers you brought, cards you sent and gentle visits from so many of you. And all of that was before the chemotherapy kicked in. And I have to tell you – chemotherapy kicks hard. And speaking of chemotherapy, I never went by myself. Many of you attended both chemotherapy and held my hand during that ridiculously long neulasta shot the day after.

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