High Holy Days

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  We hope you can join us for the Days of Awe this September. We are thrilled to share KHN's 2023 schedule for High Holy Day services and observances. Again this year, we extend our heartfelt welcome not only to our cherished KHN family but also to the wider Jewish community. You have the choice [...]

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The Grey-In-Between

I stumbled upon this poem in the midst of the oppressive wildfire smoke that seemed to embody the endless, heavy grey period when our world felt paused. Even now, when skies have cleared, it speaks to me of the futile feeling of this in-between time, and of pondering whether action truly matters.

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Puget Sound the Shofar

Puget Sound Jews, let's make a joyful noise and sound the shofar together as we prepare for these most extraordinary High Holy Days! Jews across the globe and across movement sound the shofar during the days leading up to Rosh Hashanah as we prepare to enter the Days of Awe. 5780 has demanded we wrestle [...]

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Collective Guilt/ Responsibility

To be a Jew, and to participate in this annual ritual, is—I believe--to be able to see our own, as well as others’ humanity, more broadly.  We come together on this day not only for ourselves, not only for the community whose destiny we share, but also for the larger collective enterprise that we call humanity. 

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The Arc Bends Toward Justice

There, in the midst of an area that is so sullied by such a hateful and violent past, I saw that arc.  It is long, very long, as Dr. King said.  It is likely even longer than the arc of our own lifetimes.  And yet--despite our deepest fears, despite our great uncertainty for the future of this country, I saw that it does indeed bend toward justice. Let me tell you why.

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