Jewish Journey

All We Carry at SIFF | Streaming til May 27

"Mirna and Magdiel fled Honduras in search of a brighter future. After making their way north, including a months-long stint in a U.S. detention center, they found sanctuary in a Seattle synagogue, who showed mercy on them as they awaited asylum." --SIFF Come celebrate Mirna and Magdiel's heroic fight for freedom, and the role that [...]

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Jewish Journey | Share your story

Sharing our Jewish Journey is a time honored KHN tradition, but you don't have to wait to the HHD to share your story!  You can use these prompts to spark conversation with your kids, your parents, your partner, your friends, KHN members, or any fellow traveler you meet along the way. What is the first Jewish [...]

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Israel Trip

Whenever I discuss Israel with anyone, the first thing I say is, “Politics aside, it’s the most dynamic country on Earth.”  Israel invented WAZE, and drip irrigation, and molten salt solar power plants, and Soda Stream, and your telephone voice mail, and the world’s first electric passenger airplane (it debuted in June at the Paris [...]

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Seeking Justice, Working Together

We were heavily criticized by some in the Jewish community for meeting with Palestinians and other Arabs, and some of our Arab partners were likewise criticized for meeting with Jews, particularly Jews who supported Israel. A few members dropped out, but most of us persisted despite disagreements. More important, as we talked to our Jewish friends and others about what we were doing, the climate did start to change.

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Weaving an Ethical Life

Like the tallis that we will be wrapped in at death, this ethical fabric we weave will envelop the story of our life. My friends, make it beautiful, a “coat of many colors” But make sure that one of the spirit holes leads to the insight that Mohammad Ali opened for us: “Float like a Butterfly/Sting like a bee.” –this sage advised. Yes, but we must pray to HaShem to give us the wisdom to lead a life knowing when is the right time to do which.

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Pride Shabbat Jewish Journey

There is no default setting. We have to show up and make our whole selves visible. Once we have found each other, once we have said yes, we are just getting started. The real journey is the back and forth and delicious curiosity and brave truth telling and honest desire, through which we will remake the world.

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