These four years have left us metaphorically, spiritually, and literally breathless. It could be easy to surrender, to permit ourselves to become complacent, stuck, immobilized. But we cannot. Hopelessness is the enemy of justice. Which means hope is our superpower.

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Stepping Up by Stepping Back

In cooperation with Public Health Seattle & King County, KHN will cancel in-person gatherings and events through March 15th. Cancelling events does not mean that anyone at KHN is ill or even at particular risk of contracting Covid-19. KHN is cancelling events in cooperation with King County Public Health guidelines because it is the most [...]

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Taking Responsibility

Here in our sanctuary, we don’t have open pits, and we don’t have hazardous oxen, but we do know some dangers are likely. It’s 100% guaranteed that there will be another earthquake in Seattle someday, for example. It is a known danger, but are we prepared? Mishpatim suggests we are responsible to make known hazards less dangerous. Like we should get prepared for if there was an earthquake during services.

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Israel Stories Shabbat

Reflections on KHN's travels in Israel and the Emerging State of Palestine This past summer, nineteen members of Kol HaNeshamah went to Israel and the West Bank (also known as The Emerging State of Palestine/The Occupied Territories). Over this year, we hope to share reflections and learning from our experiences there. Friday evening, November 1st [...]

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Lech Lecha

Take a moment and think about something that prevents you from forging a new journey with a sense of your own wholeness. Do you pay homage to this thing so that it has, perhaps, become an idol? Maybe that idol is depression, a trauma, a sour relationship, the way you view your body. How might you be able to smash it, like Avram does in the midrash?

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