Shavuot Wed June 12 2024

Stay up Late & Celebrate! SHAVUOT   WED JUNE 12 6-11PM   LIVE IN-PERSON AT KHN Judaism has a holiday for everything...Shavuot is dedicated to round-the-clock Study, Torah, & dairy delights.      We'll provide the study and the pizza, you bring an appetite for learning and a dessert to share! Shavuot Workshops & Study Sessions & Activities: [...]

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Shavuot 2020: Revel & Reveal

Concurrent National Up All Night: Torah for Liberation & Revelation starts Sat at 3:30pm    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO BROUGHT US OUR SHAVUOT EVENTS!  TAKE CARE.  Running to Sinai with Rabbi Basior   Pirkei Avot 4:2 teaches that "Ben Azzai said: Run to perform [even] a minor mitzvah (commandment) and flee from aveirah (transgression), for [...]

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