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Sponsored Family- ongoing


M, M and J need a variety of household, food, clothing items, gift cards and VISA cards. Please contact to find out how you can help.

Things Busy People Can Do

  1. Volunteer weekly or monthly at AidNW in Tacoma
  2. Volunteer for alphabet duty (hold large letters that form a ,message on freeway overpasses)
  3. Collect backpacks, jackets, clothing and toiletries and deliver to AidNW
  4. Train and volunteer for accompaniment
  5. Train and volunteer for resistance/civil disobedience
  6. Raise money for the Fair Fight Bond Fund
  7. Donate miles for migrants


Serving lunch at WIN White Center

KHN will be serving lunch in White Center on the following below listed dates.

The meal is held in the parking lot outside Bartell’s in White Center: 9600 15th Ave SW, Seattle, WA. That’s where food contributions should go. Unless you’re planning to stay to serve, food should be in disposable containers, such as tin foil trays. No other restrictions.

Some more information for first-timers:

-We will be serving at the Bartell parking lot on the corning of SW Roxbury and 15th Avenue SW in White Center.

-WIN has a vintage school bus that they bring to the site and it stores three canopy tents, long tables, and supplies.

-People will be showing up to pick up food beginning at noon, so we need to be there at around 11:30-11:45 to set up.

-In addition to the food we’ll be serving, there is a need for all kinds of mens clothes and plastic shopping/grocery bags for people to take back the donated clothes and food.  Please bring any mens clothes (new and used), hygiene items, and plastic bags that you can donate.

-There is no electricity at the site to keep food warm.

-In addition to any clothes and bags you can donate, we just need to bring our meals.  Serving utensils, plates, drinks, forks, and spoons will be available.

-Keep in mind that for many of the people we will be serving, this may be their only hot meal all week so overly spicy food may be difficult for them.

For more information please email Thank you!

Join KHN’s Tikkun Olam Discussion Platform on Basecamp

The Tikkun Olam Committee hosts an internal platform for discussion, resources and upcoming events. To join or for more information, please email here.


KHN and Alki UCC will continue to collect donations of food, hygiene and personal items for people in need for distribution on Saturdays in White Center. The donation box is in the lobby. The list of requested items is below.
Do you work at a place like Costco? Starbucks? Safeway? If you have the connections or personal wherewithal to get any of these items in bulk, please let us know at
This is the list of requested items:
soap     feminine hygiene     reading glasses     sock
hats     gloves     gallon zip locks   deodorant
oil cloth shopping bags     word search books
decks of cards     pens     fruit cups     protein bars
custard cups     bags of snack mix     generic kid gifts
markers     flashlights     toothbrushes     toothpaste
floss    fleece blankets.