Tikkun Olam

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Tikkun Olam Survey

Please help us plan our tikkun olam (repair of the world) programming so that it meets your family’s needs! Take this 4 minute survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/M6QRQ6V. Thanks!

Meals at White Center – join us October 27th for our next volunteer meal!

Saturday October 27 KHN hosts the Saturday hot lunch in White Center for hungry people in our community. Many thanks to the KHN families who have volunteered to provide and serve food in the past.

Please sign up again to help. We are looking for 20 volunteers. Please email tikkunolam@khnseattle.org to be in the group!


Join KHN’s Tikkun Olam Discussion Platform on Basecamp

The Tikkun Olam Committee hosts an internal platform for discussion, resources and upcoming events. To join or for more information, please email here.


KHN and Alki UCC will continue to collect donations of food, hygiene and personal items for people in need for distribution on Saturdays in White Center. The donation box is in the lobby. The list of requested items is below.
Do you work at a place like Costco? Starbucks? Safeway? If you have the connections or personal wherewithal to get any of these items in bulk, please let us know at  tikkunolam@khnseattle.org.
This is the list of requested items:
soap     feminine hygiene     reading glasses     sock
hats     gloves     gallon zip locks   deodorant
oil cloth shopping bags     word search books
decks of cards     pens     fruit cups     protein bars
custard cups     bags of snack mix     generic kid gifts
markers     flashlights     toothbrushes     toothpaste
floss    fleece blankets.