Join us in the sanctuary at KHN or watch the service streaming on FBLive ! We encourage members to plan ahead to set aside time for B’nai Mitzvah services: dress up, come in or tune in, and share your ruach and naches at KHN or in the Facebook chat. Becoming B’nai MItzvah is always challenging, but our young people are learning to lead during an extraordinary time. We hope to look back, years from now, and remember how our congregation came together to shower our love and appreciation on our youth who are carrying on the sacred teachings of our People despite the challenges and obstacles of this era. Yasher Koach!

B’nai Mitzvah Services start at 11:00am at KHN and streaming on FBLive. The next B’nai Mitzvah Service is:

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Hello, my name is Eleanor Weinstein and I am in 8th grade at Bright Water Waldorf School. I love fine arts, drums, and skiing. On October 22nd, I will become a bat mitzvah.  My torah portion is Bereshit. This portion is the story of the creation of heaven, earth, and life. For my bat mitzvah justice project, I am creating and selling my art to raise funds for the care and rehabilitation of sick and injured endangered turtles at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. I hope you can celebrate with me on Oct 22nd at 11am.

Masks and vaccinations required in the KHN building.


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