Stay up Late & Celebrate!


Judaism has a holiday for everything…Shavuot is dedicated to round-the-clock Study, Torah, & dairy delights.      We’ll provide the study & pizza, you bring an appetite for learning and a dessert to share!

We are grateful to be able to gather in person this year! Masks inside & vaccinations, please, to keep folks safe.

Made possible by the Adult Education Committee, our session leaders, and YOU.

Shavuot Workshops & Study Sessions & Activities include:

Reproductive Justice in Jewish Text & Tradition | Rabbi Allison Flash

Sometimes Judaism forbids abortion, sometimes it allows for it, while at other times it mandates it. It is a complicated issue with much more nuance than many in our country recognize. In this session, we will learn why Pro Life vs. Pro Choice is a harmful and limiting way to view this topic.

Astrology & Judaism | Susanna Bluhm

Astrology was an important part of ancient Judaism! We’ll explore the history of astrology in Judaism, learn the basics of astrology, and consider what it can add to a Jewish spiritual practice.

Exploring the Songs of Our Services | Orin Reynolds

We will delve into the meanings of selected songs and prayers, and explore different melodies and variations. You will leave this workshop humming new tunes, and with a deeper connection to familiar prayers.

Planting for the Future | Margot & Esme (KHTY)

Join Kol HaNeshamah Temple Youth leaders to discuss teachings on growth and intention in Judaism, and plant seed starts for your summer garden.

POETRY: A Contemporary Language for Joy, for Grief and for Prayer | Merna Ann Hecht

Arrive at this workshop with a pen and paper, an open heart and a listening ear. Poems by contemporary Jewish and non-Jewish poets who appear in recent Haggadahs and collections that address many challenging issues of our times while expressing joy and holding space for grief will be presented. Ample time will be given for participants to write from prompts from the poems we will share in the workshop. In keeping with Shavuot, the sweetness of words will be celebrated.

A Taste of Jewish Mysticism | Richard Curtis

Sample the history of Jewish mysticism and its various forms, from the Book of Daniel through Shabbetai Zvi to modern Hasidism and Kabbalah.

The ABC’s of Shavuot Treats (Apples, Blintzes & Cottage Cheese) | Betsy Hoffmeister

Schmooze in the kitchen and learn to make a Shavuot classic – Betsy’s grandma’s fabulous apple blintzes!

Havdalah Sing-along & Dairy Dessert Potluck

We will mark the transition from Shabbat to Shavuot, sing together, and enjoy holiday desserts. Please bring a dairy (or non-diary) dessert to share. (No nuts please.)